Presently there are many cleaning and maintenance companies, but we have to find the one that offers the best services. Do not know which one to choose? In this post, we tell you everything you need to know, to select the best cleaning agency for your office, premises or building. The services of this type are fundamental so that our place of work is impeccable and we can all enjoy the facilities to the maximum. However, we know that finding proper cleaning and maintenance services is not always an easy task. To select which company will take care of our office or building we should not stay with the first one we find. Discover our tips and breathe easy.

We start?

When we think about hiring a disinfection company, we must be very clear about what we want. In this way, communication with the agency will be much more efficient, and it will know how to offer us adequate cleaning services.

It is likely that what we are looking for our office cleaning services, or perhaps we need maintenance and cleaning company for premises and buildings in Madrid. In any case, we will have to ask ourselves the following questions:

What is the extension of our facilities? It is not the same as our offices are in a small room to make a massive glass building. The needs will vary depending on the size and areas that exist in our business.

What cleaning service for companies do we need to hire? We have to think if we want only to take care of the maintenance of our offices or if we also need to clean the windows, the patios, the garage and the concierge.

How often do I need you to do these tasks?

The exterior windows can be cleaned once a week, but the bathrooms will have to be cleaned almost daily. As for the garages and patios, it is probably enough to leave them impeccable once a month. On the other hand, if I want them to pick up the storage room of my building or to take care of the cleaning of facades, it is likely that they only require it once a year.

Keys to hire the best cleaning and maintenance services

Once we have clear what we should employ, then we will search for different cleaning and maintenance companies which is the best for us. To decide it is important to take into account some points about each of the companies that are part of our range of options.